‘Til Tuesday Do Us Part

The big day has arrived. The bride and groom look shiny and new, standing at an altar or under a trellis at some beautiful outdoor venue. Months worth of planning has finally all come together. The food, the flowers, the cake. Dresses for the bridesmaids, tuxedos or suits for the groomsmen. The wedding planner, the caterer, the deejay have all been paid for services about to be rendered. Friends and relatives have traveled from wide and far, airline tickets have been purchased, hotel rooms have been booked. But more importantly, the couple at the center of it all are about to enter into the sacred institution of marriage. They are about to vow to love, cherish, and support each other. They are joining their lives with the intention of creating a new one together. So it would be unimaginable to think that, as they are exchanging their vows, the bride and groom are thinking to themselves…read more