Therapy VS. IMS Training

From time to time I’m asked the question, How is IMS different from traditional therapy? It’s kind of like asking, How is jogging different from cycling? They’re both exercises. They’re both good for you. But they each produce different results. And of course, one of them gets you where you want to go faster. People engage in multiple therapeutic modalities: psychoanalysis, cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness, yoga, the list goes on and on. Each has its own merit, each has its own techniques, and each produces its own results. Traditional psychology can be very effective at identifying behavioral and cognitive patterns, and tends to focus on the roots, or origins, of those patterns. A therapist might focus on exploring past trauma or other emotional damage in order to alter current behaviors or thought patterns.

At IMS, we focus on the nervous system and using internal training practices to gain mastery over how our nervous system responds to challenges…read more