The Magic Equation for Self-Reliance…Why IMS is Not Based on a One-Off Experience

They say the hardest thing to do in professional sports is hit a fastball thrown by a Major League pitcher. Which makes sense. Using a round bat to hit a round ball that’s traveling in excess of 90 miles per hour sounds like a pretty hard thing to do. Now consider that it takes about .4 seconds for the average fastball to reach home plate, and it takes about .15 seconds to swing a bat. That leaves about a quarter of a second for the batter to see the ball, track it, and decide whether or not to take a swing. And that sounds downright impossible. Yet it happens, multiple times, in just about every Major League baseball game that is played. How do  they do it? Natural talent certainly plays a part, but even the most talented players need to nurture their inherent abilities by developing skill. And developing skill requires practice. A lot of practice.

Most of us will never find ourselves facing down a Major League pitcher. But all of us, from time to time, will find ourselves feeling the pressure of…read more