Supporting Your Team to Come Back to the Workplace

In March, 2020, the Earth stopped spinning on its axis and we were all plunged into a strange, upside-down reality of masks, cleanwipes, and social distancing. Businesses closed, schools shut down, and going to the supermarket felt like venturing through a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world of empty streets and shuttered storefronts. Kids became homeschoolers, parents became de facto teachers, and streaming Netflix became everyone’s favorite pastime. And for millions of people, working from home became the new normal. While it may have presented a challenge for many in those early days of learning proper Zoom etiquette, as the pandemic dragged on (and on) [(and on)], it turned out that a lot of people not only got used to it, but they actually liked it. A lot. And who could blame them? A commute calculated in the number of steps from the bedroom to the dining room table. Setting your own schedule. No more sharing a communal break room and labeling your Tupperware so Barry doesn’t steal your lunch…read more