Personal Mastery vs. Self Help

Self-help. What is it, exactly? According to Psychology Today, “…self-help is associated with actions and interventions that a person can take on their own or with guided literature, as opposed to working with a clinician.” But how do you know what you’re looking for, or even where to begin? A search for “self-help” on Amazon yields over 100,000 results. Books, audio books, and videos on topics such as anxiety relief, stress relief, dieting, how to fix a relationship, how to communicate better, how to ask for that raise. Wealth building, productivity, positive thinking, anger management, and grit. It seems like you need a self-help book just to figure out which type of self-help you need. What if there was one system to address all of these categories and you didn’t need a library’s worth of books to do it?…read more