Personal Evolution

Meet Kevin. Kevin is the guy who loses his shit when you cut him off in traffic. He yells, he pounds on the steering wheel, he flips you off. Then he races into the next lane and cuts you off just to let you know who’s boss. Kevin is the guy at work that people try to avoid because even the smallest misstep can set him off. Kevin is guy who throws his remote control at the television when the ref makes a bad call, he’s the guy who belittles the server because his iced tea wasn’t refilled as quickly as he’d have liked, he’s the guy who yells at the Little League coach because Kevin Jr. didn’t get enough playing time. In short, Kevin is a jerk. But the thing is, Kevin doesn’t want to be a jerk. He didn’t grow up thinking, “I’m going to be the angriest guy in the world!” The truth is, he has no idea why he’s so angry all the time. In fact, after his outbursts, he quietly chastises himself and promises that that will absolutely be the last time that he loses his temper. And it is. At least until the next person cuts him off in traffic.

Meet Judith. Judith desperately wants to fall in love and raise a family…read more