Personal Evolution Stories: Relationships

Relationships can be tricky. We spend most of our time, in one way or another, navigating the relationships with the various people in our lives. Workmates, neighbors, friends, family members; boyfriends, girlfriends; husbands, wives. Some relationships we choose to be a part of while others are thrust upon us. It can be difficult to understand how to navigate inside a relationship, particularly an intimate one. Some people cling to them, terrified by the idea of being alone; others run from them as though just the idea of being in a relationship carries with it some type of infectious disease. We are constantly bombarded with images, whether from Hollywood or Madison Avenue, Facebook or Instagram, that present depictions of people in fairy tale relationships that seem impossible to measure up to. But it doesn’t need to be so difficult. In fact, most of the difficulty we bring upon ourselves.

One of our clients, we’ll call her Elise to protect her privacy, came to IMS dead set against the idea of ever being in a romantic relationship…read more