Personal Evolution Stories: Going Off Meds

We’ve all seen the ads. They’re everywhere. I barely even watch television and I feel like I’ve seen a thousand of them. A young woman, bedraggled, sits slumped in a chair, staring forlornly out the window. The colors are muted. The world outside is gray and dreary. The announcer’s dour voice describes the agony of depression before unveiling the newest miracle pill that will make all of life’s problems simply evaporate. The young woman is transformed before our very eyes. Suddenly she’s out riding her bike, she’s having wine with friends, she’s painting a portrait of a vibrant, technicolor sunrise. And as we’re being bombarded with these images of joy and jubilation, the announcer quickly rattles off the dozens of life-threatening side effects. They’re legally obligated to do that, but that’s not what they want you to pay attention to. What they want you to come away with is that curing your depression is as easy as…read more