Personal Evolution Stories: Body Image

Body image is big business in the United States. On average, Americans spend $36 billion on health and fitness clubs, and another $58 billion on diet programs. But are the people shelling out all that cash actually seeing results? According to recent studies, the United States has the highest rates of obesity in the world. It seems to me there’s a serious disconnect between the size of the fitness industry and the size of the average American. For many people, getting in shape requires more than just buying a gym membership and a couple dieting books. It requires a lifestyle change. And the most effective way to make a lifestyle change is to train the emotional patterns around body image. Training the emotions to align with the actions that need to be taken is the most effective way to achieve the outcomes we’re looking for.

One of our clients, we’ll call her Sasha to protect her privacy, came to us ready to work on issues surrounding body image. She described herself being chubby as a kid and having a very hard time with it…read more