Emotional Access: The Road to a New Normal

It might be hard to remember sometimes, but you’ve been there before. Maybe it was sitting on a white sand beach, your toes buried in the warm sand, the sound of the waves breaking in the surf, reading the dog-eared paperback with the front cover torn off that someone left behind in the time-share. Maybe it was the day you paid off that credit card you applied for the first week of college from that guy in the quad who offered you a free frisbee and a bright future just for signing up. Or maybe it was just a Tuesday night, sitting with your best friend and a bottle of wine, binge watching season 2 of Ted Lasso. Whatever the case may be, you know the thing I’m talking about. Peace. Serenity. Sometimes it’s just, in the words of Simon and Garfunkel, ba-da-da da-da da, feeling groovy.

What if you could take the feelings you associate with those memories and pile them all together?…read more